Waylon Jennings Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Presented as Living Legend Award

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Waylon Jennings Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Presented as Living Legend Award
This is a Waylon Jennings master-built acoustic-electric guitar, the only one of its kind, presented to Waylon Jennings when inducted as a Living Legend by TNN and Music City News. The event was televised on June 5, 1995. A certificate of the event is posted on the back wall of the guitar, visible through the sound hole.

The guitar has "Waylon" in pearl on the fret neck, and the body is bound in ivory, with more inlaid pearl at the sound hole and the headstock, gold Schaller tuners. The finish is textured black on the front, and black with embedded tiger stripes on the sides and back. An electronic pick-up is embedded under the bridge with cord insert located in strap peg.

The guitar is complete and original, constructed by Washburn, and the only example in the world.

Before his first operation, this was Waylon’s kick-around guitar for a few years; that was when he lived on Hickory in Brentwood, Tennessee. It has a few small dings, which Waylon made himself. I played the guitar on a CBS special, recorded with it, and it is otherwise un-played, except by Waylon Jennings.

It looks, sounds and plays simply amazing. The guitar is a piece of history and should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It comes with a high-end hard case. Paperwork is included that describes and certifies the guitar, and is signed by Waylon Jennings.

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Waylon Jennings Master-built Fender Telecaster

Waylon-designed and hand-made by John Page at Fender

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Waylon Jennings Master-built Fender Telecaster
This is a very rare master-built Waylon Jennings Fender Telecaster. John Page at the Fender Custom Shop hand-built the guitar.

Waylon Jennings designed this guitar after his '63 Telecaster. It is black with a white pick guard, inlaid floral leather. The body is bound in ivory. The guitar also features Waylon’s Flying W logo at the 12th fret, and Waylon’s drop- tuner on the the E string. Waylon Jenning’s autograph is featured on the headstock.

This guitar includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by John Page of Fender, dated February, 1998. The guitar includes the original tweed case with red interior, and also a framed 8x10 photo of Waylon playing the guitar on stage.

I played this guitar for background instrumentals for a CBS TV show and recordings, but it has been played sparingly. I have taken great care of this instrument and it is in Excellent+ Condition.

It is an extremely rare example of a Waylon Jennings Fender Telecaster in original condition.

If you have any questions, please send me a message through Waylon Jennings Guitars.com or call me at (530) 261-1954.